Administration services

Idea Capital Kft. has experience in corporate governance, financial planning, process design, control environment, corporate due diligence, efficiency, organization restructuring, banking and other tasks related to business administration.

We offer comprehensive services for those investors who do not wish to employ their own staff to manage companies. We organize the business administration, keep contact with the authorities and provide accounting and legal support in a cost-effective way.


  • We manage the establishment of companies in Hungary, and also administrate your company in a cost-effective way
  • We take charge of the contacts and coordinate projects for your company and inform you effectively about the incoming issues, and prepare the background information for the decision making process and support in the implementation
  • We prepare an efficient design and structure for your model of business and coordinate its implementation.
  • We create a smooth and proper organization structure for work and a streamlined level of communications. We can help you determine the responsibilities and separation of roles
  • We make proposals to establish an effective control environment, manage fraud and risks.
  • We conduct due diligence process when you are buying a business



Value added services

Despite the European Union membership, in the CEE region several low-mid sized companies are operating isolated, with a low number of transactions, purchasing and sales. However, one of our key targets is linking the companies of the region, possibly creating clusters.

If necessary, we find investors for your company. Investors who have resources and relationships, which can help your business to develop and grow.

We have several years of industry experience and extensive network of contacts in Spain and Latin America.


  • We prepare feasibility studies for projects
  • We help you in business and strategic planning
  • We will help you find potential international partners
  • We provide anonymous cluster services
  • We assessment the efficiency of your business and propose cost reduction opportunities
  • We promote the expansion of your business relations
  • We provide equity and/or venture capital funds



Issue Management

Our economic and legal professionals offer you solutions for the renegotiation of existing agreements. If the market conditions change, strategic or internal issues arise , our experience will be helpful for the termination or renegotiation of the existing agreements.

The changing economic environment means, that sometimes a radical change of strategy or transformation is necessary for your business. Our company offers you solutions for these issues.


  • We provide solutions for the management of mass layoffs, bankruptcy protection, reorganization, minimizing loss, and crisis management
  • We review your non-beneficial business relationships and offer solutions for the renegotiation
  • We promote the development of cost-effective operations, to reduce your direct and indirect costs
  • We propose to rationalize the cost structure, expand revenue opportunities, improve asset utilization and implement sustainable, profitable business models



Project and Start-up Management

The continuous development and growth of the companies requires the start-up of new projects and expansion of business portfolio. Our experts will help you in identifying all those business opportunities that generate growth opportunities for your company, even if you currently do not have the resources for such actions.

For start-ups, we help set the direction and the strategy that will mean success for the enterprise, defined already in the zero-phase. Our experts will help you to define it.


  • We explore the competitive environment and make proposal for an appropriate choice of start-up strategy
  • We prepare feasibility studies
  • We help you in business and strategic planning
  • We help run companies in start-up and expansion stage
  • We provide project management services
  • We help you to launch the sales of your products and services



Transaction services (M&A)

Company valuation and due diligence

Valuation and mapping the economics of an entity is necessary for planned selling or acquisition of companies and for those undergoing a change.

Our company has supported its clients in transactions valued between 100K and 8000K EUR in the following industry sectors:

- Production (industrial factories)
- Real-estate management
- Construction
- Environmental protection
- Logistics
- Trade

We have provided service for Hungarian, Spanish and German companies as well.

Alongside the standard due diligence audit, we disclose those factors influencing the company’s operation and profitability which cannot be learnt during the analysis of the entity’s standard documentation.

In order to make a transaction constantly profitable and let it create value, it must be chosen and managed precisely – taking care of the possible risks and value-added factors.

In terms of transaction services, Idea Capital supports decision-makers in the following areas:

  • Financial due diligence
  • Due diligence related to merger or acqusition
  • Operational transaction services
  • Valutaion and business modelling
  • Valutaion of companies (based on international standards)
  • Conductiong negotiations related to price



Web based services

A significant proportion of the businesses cannot profit of the advantages of the presence on internet. The reason is that despite the significant IT spending the success is not guaranteed without relevant expertise and goal-driven design. The solutions and models what we offer to your business deliver your products and services to the web.

There are a number of potential projects, business that by web presence could create value in the economic environment. We propose to take these kind of projects to the web, also as a partner on profit-share basis.


  • We provide cost effective solutions to implement web-crossing models
  • We offer effective solutions for international e-commerce, tax and logistic related issues
  • We are partners to take „internet-compatible” products and services to the internet- based market also in risk-free, profit-share based model
  • We create webpage for your business which follows the latest trends in both design and functions to stand out from competitors